About Hendersons Educational Services

We believe that extended coaching for scholarships and entry exams is both unnecessary and undesirable.  However, even the brightest of students cannot perform at their best if the topics they are being examined on are totally new to them or if the format is unfamiliar.  Hence we offer short courses in the form of workshops and practice exams to familiarise them with the exam content, format and standard.

The workshops work best by:

  • Filling the gaps in their experience,
  • Developing different ways of thinking,
  • Improving their confidence,
  • Giving them the opportunity to enjoy a challenging educational experience,
  • Encouraging responsibility for their own learning as part of a lifetime development.

For all the years that we have been in business, we have had a consistent percentage of our students winning scholarship interviews.  We count it as a win for us when a student reaches the interview stage, as it is the academic part of the process to which we contribute.  Over the last several years we have had about half of our students, each year, achieve their goal of a scholarship or entry to an Accelerated Learning Program.

We have also had consistent results for the Selective Entry Schools.  Our results after the exam in June 2015 were quite remarkable.  In February 2016, over one in every four children beginning Year 9 at any Selective Entry School had been clients at Hendersons.

We favour the group approach rather than individual tutoring

Bright children like to interact with and will learn from others of a similar intellectual level.

The repetition of workshops in close sequence gives the teachers an unprecedented opportunity to analyse errors which were once dismissed as simple slips. Our courses have educational value apart from any scholarship, accelerated high school or selective high school outcome.

The maximum size of a workshop group is 8 students per teacher.

The Staff

All staff members are well experienced and highly qualified.  They are carefully selected to ensure our philosophy and high teaching standards are maintained.  

We train all our teachers in the delivery of our specially designed programs.  This means sometimes that we do not have a teacher trained in a program to create another class when a class is full  

Extensive Knowledge

Our knowledge of the scholarship, accelerated high school and selective high school examination systems has been built up over more than twenty years.

Data Base of Test Results

We have over 20 years of test results for over eighteen thousand students, which enable us to predict with some measure of success, which students are likely to win scholarships, or gain entry to accelerated high school programs, Melbourne High, Mac.Robertson Girls’ High, Nossal and Suzanne Cory.


We write almost all of our own practice exams and all of our own courses.  Our students give us feedback after their real exams and we use this knowledge to constantly upgrade our courses and practice exams.