Exam Study Tips

We have had some enquiries from parents wondering how to balance this last month of study with other activities, both at school and outside school.  We believe it is important to emphasise how much work is required without stressing the student.

We would recommend:

  • Going through all the exercises in all the workshop books.

We are continually surprised by students who say they have not done this before they come to a Practice Exam.

  • Doing the papers on the education department website, including going through errors carefully.

  • Attending a Practice Exam and going through the errors on the papers carefully.  We have three different sets of papers.

Most students, at these levels, have about 400 minutes a week of homework or study for school.  Spread over seven days, this is about an hour a day.  If another 45 minutes a day can be added for Exam Preparation, then each subject would be addressed five times in the next four weeks.

Good luck as you seek the best way to prepare your children who will sit exams soon.

*All our papers are copyright and we urge you not to break that by sharing with other students.*

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