Skills and Enrichment Programs

When to start preparing with Hendersons?

Hendersons’ exam preparation season runs from August to June the following year.  Students wanting to prepare for either a scholarship or entrance exam, or gain entry to a school’s accelerated learning or high achiever program, can start enrolling in the August prior to their exam. 

Hendersons’ exam preparation workshops are short, intensive classes aimed to give students the skills and strategies to achieve a successful outcome. Our exam preparation workshops are outlined in our date books based on the year level they are in when they sit their exam.  A PDF file of these can be found on our website either at the bottom of the home page or on the “book now page”

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Skills and Enrichment Courses

Parents frequently request that their child attend Hendersons’ services earlier than what we would recommend. At this point, it is a good opportunity for the child to attend our skills and improvement courses. These courses aim to raise students’ skills set in both Maths and English and are not focused on exam preparation. The Skills and Enrichments courses are suited for all year levels from year 3 to year 7. If your child is currently in year 3, 5 or 7, now is a good time to consider these courses for your child before leading up to attending exam workshops in the second half of the year.

How do skills courses differ from exam workshops with Hendersons?

Before a child attends an exam workshop there is an expectation that they are both confident and competent readers, writers and mathematicians, and generally score within the top 15% of the NAPLAN tests. These basic skills need to be at a very high standard when considering workshops for competitive exams. Our exam workshops are short, intensive and aim to give students the skills required to complete an exam within the time constraints.

Skills courses are longer in duration with frequent and extensive feedback, to ensure an improvement in either English or Maths is achieved.

Snapshots/ Writing Beyond Primary School/ You Pull the Strings

(6-week essay writing course)

The writing course’s major focus is to improve the child’s creative writing skills, while addressing several supplement components of English such as; Reading comprehension, Vocabulary enrichment and word usage, Grammar, Punctuation and Parts of speech.

Reading and writing should be done in context to have meaning, so we have created themes for each of the courses. This allows students attending more than one course to ensure the same standard is met without repetition of the material presented. A total of eleven essays will be individually corrected over the sessions and a written report after the last session will focus on what progress has been made.

Snapshots are for year 3/4 and year 5/6 students. The course contains 6 weeks of creative writing.

Writing Beyond Primary School and You Pull the Strings are for year 7 and early year 8 students. These courses have 4 weeks creative, 1 week informative and 1 week persuasive writing.

Introduction to Problem Solving

(4-week mathematics course)

The mystery of the “written problem” is examined and techniques are taught and practised. Students must have maths skills at a level appropriate for their year level to gain from this course. Students are encouraged to focus on two stages of solving a problem. The first is an analysis of the problem to gain an understanding of what the problem is really asking and what data you have which may help you solve it. Hendersons then teaches students several strategies that they can apply to such problems to find a quick solution.

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