Tuition In 2018

Tuition in 2018

As we move into the new school year, Hendersons will again be providing a limited amount of ‘one on one’ tuition for students.  There are, however, some exciting new changes to the way this will operate in 2018.

All tuition in Hawthorn will now occur at the main office building at 735 Burwood Road.  We will provide tutoring on four evenings a week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The four, hour long sessions, will start from 4.15pm, with the last starting at 7.15pm.

The other change is that our Mt Waverley venue will now also offer sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week with the same times as above.

Tuition will start from Monday 5th February 2018

At this stage we have a number of continuing students from last year and a long waiting list already, so there are no additional slots available for any extra students at this time. 

All students who have been allocated sessions will be notified in the coming week.

If slots become available during the year, we will ask for expressions of interest through the newsletter.

Also, there is an increase in tuition fees for Year 11 and 12 students to reflect the complexity of the material, a session will now be $100.  All other year levels will remain at $90 for this year.

N.B. Tuition is not a substitute or a replacement for workshops.  We do not enrol Year 4, Year 6 or Year 8 students unless they have completed the appropriate workshops and are seeking follow-up sessions.

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