Assessments for Scholarship exams and Melb High, Mac.Rob, Nossal, Cory, JMSS entry

Our educational assessment will reveal any specific weaknesses that a student may have in the basic subjects of reading, writing and mathematics. 

Assessments may be requested by parents who

  • want to know if their child should sit a scholarship or selection exam.
  • wish to know what their child’s educational standard is.
  • are concerned that there may be gaps in the child’s educational knowledge, and wish to catch up before the child enters secondary school or sits an entrance exam to a selective high school.

Contents of the Assessment

Writing - timed at 15, 20 or 25 minutes

Students are given one topic on which to write a narrative piece.  These will be marked to give some indication of the writing ability of the student.

Maths Test - about 45 minutes to an hour

There are two parts to this testing.  The first is a standard test of skills in number, space, measurement, and chance and data.  It gives a percentile ranking of the student when compared with students in their grade level in Australia.  The second part is a quick test of the four basic processes [+ - × ÷]. There is no percentile ranking.

Reading test - un-timed about 30 minutes

This is a standardized test which indicates what level of skill the child has reached in the understanding of what he/she reads.  The scoring is in terms of the level expected for the age of the student. 

A reasoning test timed at about 45 minute

These are tests which provide a measure of natural ability.  They contain literacy, numeracy and non-verbal items.  Each test provides an overall ability score and a profile of the student’s performance in each of the three areas. 




Appointments may be made by phoning the office or by email. Assessment dates can be located at the bottom of this page.

Reporting to parents 

The tests will be corrected and comments made to the child's parents.  The feedback to the parents usually takes about twenty minutes.  The tests and answers are taken home by the parents at the end of the assessment.

Written report

For an extra charge a written report may be requested in addition to the verbal report.  We need to be told if this is needed, before the end of the assessment, so that vital information is recorded, and the assessor can retain the tests in order to write the report.

Applicable year levels 

Years 3 to 9.


Approximately three hours.



If you have not attended an information session, you may want to stay for the first 30 minutes to receive general information on the services we offer.

Do we tell the truth?

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to let you know how professional and supportive my husband and I have found Hendersons Educational Services to be.

Three years ago our son, Ben *********** undertook some tutoring followed by a practice exam arranged by Hendersons in order to prepare for the Melbourne High School selective exam.  Ben did extremely well and is now in his year 11 at Melbourne High. 
This year, our daughter Rose is in year 8 and I rang Hendersons to book her in for some scholarship exam preparation for MLC entry next year.  Rose was also booked into an assessment prior to this to check if she was placed well to sit the scholarship exam.

Some weeks ago Rose was assessed by Fran, which revealed that she was weak in her math's abilities.  Following discussion between Fran and my husband Jim, it was decided that Rose should not sit the scholarship exam.  For Hendersons, this meant a loss of revenue of approximately $1000.  Hendersons however, put Rose's interests and abilities ahead of their income and cancelled Rose's workshops without charge.

Following Ben's positive experience with Hendersons I have recommended the service to many of my friends who wish to prepare their child for the selective high schools.  Again, with our recent experience with Rose, I will not hesitate to keep doing this.  I look forward to using Henderson’s again for our youngest child (even if it is 5 years away!).

Please feel free to use this testimony in any way you want to.

Yours sincerely

******* **********