Edutest Scholarship Format

This company uses the same format for scholarship and accelerated programs.

Those students wishing to apply for scholarships or places at some schools will need to sit at the earliest exam and share the results with any other school, after paying a fee to each school. Sometimes there are exceptions to this, for example, Haileybury has a specific exam for their 2018 candidates on Sunday 6th November 2016.

Their format for the exam is as follows:

Written expression (usually creative piece)
Reading comprehension
Numerical reasoning
Verbal reasoning

Edutest™ Exam Papers

Written Expression

This assesses the ability of the writer to clearly convey their thoughts in a written piece.  The Edutest™ website refers to the assessment of punctuation, creativity, construction, grammar, spelling and relevance to the task.

Edutest gives students 15 minutes for this component.


The Edutest™ website refers to mathematical knowledge, including number, measurement, algebra, space and data.  30 minutes is given for 60 questions.

Reading Comprehension

The Edutest™ website notes that this area “measures the capacity to read and interpret meaning from written passages and sentence correction.” 30 minutes is given for 50 questions.

Numerical Reasoning

This paper examines how well a student can think and reason numerically. 30 minutes is given for 45 questions.

Verbal Reasoning

This paper looks to see how well a student can think and reason verbally. 30 minutes is given for 60 questions.