Scholarship and Entrance Exam Preparation Workshops

We offer exam preparation for a variety of scholarship examsSEAL and enrichment programs and the Selective High Schools

Our programs are conducted over a limited period of time as we believe that students will retain the information better and be more able to build on what they have learnt.  

The groups are made up of like-minded children so that the sessions flow and cater to their specific needs.  The content and approach of our workshops and practice exams are based on the types of papers found in the actual exams your child will be sitting. 

Feedback from past clients enables us to ensure that our programs are addressing the exam requirements and expectations.  Our emphasis is on developing skills rather than rote learning.

Cautions about exam preparation:

  • We are about helping able students to perform at their best.  We are not about training up good, average students, over a long period of time, to try to become exam winners.
  • We do not screen or test students before they come to us but, for exam preparation, most would need to be in the top third of their class. 
  • We use standardised tests in our courses to provide some basis for a realistic assessment of the student’s chances of success.