Welcome to Hendersons Educational Services

We are specialists in exam preparation for scholarships to private schools, as well as entrance exams for accelerated learning (SEAL) and high achiever programs in Victorian high schools.

We pride ourselves on the number of students we assist in obtaining places at Melbourne High, Mac. Robertson Girls’, Nossal High, Suzanne Cory High and John Monash Science School.

Workshop Datebooks

Skills and Enrichment Programmes

English skills improvement
Intro to Problem Solving
Individual tuition

Year 4 and Year 5 Workshops

Year 5 & Year 6 entry scholarships.
Year 5 private school entrance exams

Year 6 Workshops

Year 7 entry scholarships
Year 7 entry Seal classes
Year 7 entry Enrichment classes

Year 8 and Year 9 Workshops

Year 9 & Year 10 entry for Melbourne High, Mac.Robertson Girls’, Suzanne Cory High and Nossal High.
Year 10 entry to John Monash Science school.
Year 9 & Year 10 entry Scholarships