Individual Tutoring for English & Maths

We do provide Individual tutoring for maths and english in our Hawthorn offices only on Monday to Thursday evenings.

We do not offer our exam preparation workshops on an individual basis as much of the learning that takes place is reinforced by the interaction between the students in the small group.

This is for general improvement and extension.  Our teachers are not qualified remedial teachers and these sessions are not suitable for students with learning difficulties.

Years 3-10 : $90 per hour

Years 11-12 : $100 per hour

If a session is missed (and we are told about it) then a refund of $45 is made.  If non-attendance (did not turn up for class) then no refund is made.

  • Payment for the term is due at the first session.
  • One hour sessions after school.

Many of these tutors are usually fairly heavily booked so appointment times need to be made early.