Scholarship Exam Preparation

Scholarship examinations for private schools have a different purpose from ordinary classroom tests.  While an ordinary school exam aims to measure what has already been taught and should have been learnt, scholarship exams aim to predict the future achievement of the child.

We have provided a list of some of the Scholarship schools along with the date of exam and company that prepared the exam.  From November 2016, school websites will start to be updated with their scholarship details.  We will update our scholarship schools page at that time.

Understanding the format of the exam is the first step in your child's preparation.  You will note that the formats of ACER, Academic Assessment Services and Edutest format differ.  Scotch College prepare their own papers.

Hendersons Educational Services offers workshops for all components of the exam.  Please refer to the format of your exam to view the workshops relevant to your child's exam.  We have provided a format identifier page to assist with your workshop selections.