We just wanted to inform you of the recent success of our daughter in obtaining an academic scholarship, beginning in 2017 when she will be in Grade 5.  Our daughter ********* was fortunate to attend a number of your  workshops over the summer which were extremely beneficial in preparing her for the scholarship exam. Many thanks indeed.

My daughter ****** sat scholarship exams for several school and received four offers of scholarships.
I would like to thank Hendersons for the guidance and support given to her for preparing for her scholarship exams.
Hendersons mock interview and the potential questions were very helpful in her interviews. In particular *** & ********** interviewers said to us that ****** did perform very well in her interview and they did consider her as a all rounder. As we were very much involved in her preparation for the scholarship, we truly believe that Henderson workshops, study materials, practice exams and mock interview helped her to gain this fantastic results.
****** said to us that many of the Hendersons questions were asked.
Our son who prepared for Melbourne High placement exam last year also passed his exam with 4 superiors, 1 very good & 1 good for essays. He also did Hendersons courses & 3 practice exams.
In conclusion, Hendersons helped our two kids to secure very good schools in Melbourne.

Thanks once again and wish you very success in your business.

Please pass on our thanks to the lovely woman who conducted ****'s practice interview. He was lucky enough to secure a scholarship at ******, and we are grateful to her for her gentle suggestions and positive comments.  **** found the interview challenging, but went in armed with the advice that above all he should be himself. So now he understands that it is the real **** that they are after, and not some other persona he adopted for the interview.

We would like to thank Henderson for such a great service you all provide to students and parents.  The practice exams and the feedback thereafter was such a massive help to improve kids' weak areas.
I would like to request Hendersons to consider more practice exams (than three) as it gave the kids the real exam feeling, experience and of course they learnt how to handle the stress.  Getting into Melbourne High from ************** Secondary college itself is a big challenge and without Hendersons support and guidance my son wouldn’t be able to achieve his target.  Thanks once again.
My daughter and her best friend are now going to prepare for grade 6 scholarships.  They will book for gr. 6 scholarship workshops and practice exams.

We are so glad we sent ***** to Hendersons because they prepared our son so he could perform to his optimum level.
You have a wonderful group of teachers who provided the students with helpful study techniques and valuable ways to tackle and solve problems.

Just wanted to thank all of you, Fran in particular, for guiding our daughter through the process. She was not selected for a scholarship but she had good training in both English and Maths. Her grades have increased since taking workshops at Hendersons.
Both of my daughter will be starting at a private school from next year. I was wondering if Hendersons can organize tutors to assist my children in Maths.

We are absolutely amazed and thrilled by ****** performance in the tests and in the interviews.  I sincerely doubt she would have performed in the tests nearly as well without your assessment and the Hendersons seminars and practice exams.  We're very impressed and extraordinarily grateful.  Thank you.

Thank you for sending the interview Q's in a very short notice. We only had one night to prepare and that was helpful. ****** was offered an academic scholarship at the interview.
****** has maintained high academic standards throughout school, but your workshops and practice exams have certainly helped him to gain the skills such as time management, exam techniques, face the exam pressure and practice popular areas of Q's etc We are happy that we gave him the best preparation with your Yr 6 package and all the support we can give him at home.
At the interview, we were a bit excited and forgot to ask for the results sheet.  The principal said he was one of the top scorers. We contacted Edutest for results but they cannot give them. So I will have to wait until the school starts and ask for his results. We would really like to know how he went as its helpful to direct him in the right direction in future. Hopefully they will at least say to us where he is in each strand.
I also want to specially thank Fran for her guidance after the one on one educational assessment done at the beginning of the year. As she indicated the importance of reading good books, it was helpful to motivate ******'s reading. Sometimes there has to be another force other than their own parents to motivate them. He has developed a keen interest in reading good books.
Thank you for your support.

Yesterday I received the email saying that I have a place at Nossal High School for 2015.  I was thrilled and honoured to be given a spot at my dream school.  This would all just be a fantasy if it wasn't for the great workshops that Hendersons has to offer.  I attended every workshop and it significantly helped me be accepted.  I just wanted to take this time to thank Hendersons for giving me the education that was needed to conquer the test.  I cannot express my gratitude to everyone who is involved in making Hendersons what it is today. Once again, thank you, for helping me get into Nossal High School and creating the foundation for my future life.

Without Hendersons help, *****  might not have got there.  We would like to express our appreciation and wish Hendersons lots of success and hope it will continue to help other children to succeed with their education journey. 

Thank you!

My Son has done all of his workshops and practice exams now in preparation for an Edutest exam at Carey and Scotch the week after.
Whatever happens for **** from there at least we know we gave it his best shot. We are grateful for the professional and supportive teaching Hendersons provided and I am grateful that **** always came out of each workshop or practice exam feeling like it was a worthwhile experience despite the mental exhaustion and use of his holiday time.
Many thank for the information you provided and the work you all do to make these things run smoothly!
I will be sure to let you know if anything comes of these tests.

Just let you know that ***** was successful in getting a 50 percent scholarship. It was an amazing feat because although she is bright, she is not your average high achiever and your workshops helped her to achieve her potential. Thank you so much for your assistance.
With regards to test, I could not get much feedback from her. She said it was easier than your practice test (which is a very good thing). I personally think that your practice test helped her a lot in getting use to concentrating and focussing for a long period of time. I also got her to do the year 6 edutest on-line practice papers.
With regards to the interview questions, the head of middle school, I feel was checking her maturity and the level of achievement in extra curricular activities. Most were from your list of questions. I must say that she spoke to ***** positively and got her to feel at ease from the beginning.

Thank you for keeping us informed over the years.  All of our four kids go into either MacRob or Suzanne Cory, thanks to preparation - but finally we have run out of applicants.

And thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Hendersons who coached and advised our daughter through the process.
I will proudly recommend Hendersons to prospective students.

This is to inform you that ***** got into MHS for 2016 in year 9. Each and every component of the workshops was superb! The materials provided were very comprehensive, easy to understand and easy to apply. The practice exams exams and the lecture before the exams by the supervisor was very informative. ***** was trying to follow your advice and it was very helpful. On behalf of the family, I would like to thank all the teachers and organisers of Hendersons.